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Air Camping Is Officially Now A Thing!

You know when you hear about something and go “Why did we not think of this?”

Well, folks, this is one of those times.

A couple of legends realised that if you can Airbnb a bricks and mortar type of situation, you can do the same when it comes to vacant land. Genius, really.

Behold, giving you access to the camping locations of your Instadreams, from the down right basic to the luscious of luxe. We’re talking everything from glamping to those “how’s the serenity” type deals.

Whether it’s a free-range camping experience in NSW to get you off the grid (yes please), a river retreat in Victoria, or a stay in Queensland’s hinterland, consider your next vacay (or stay-cay) #sorted.

Image Credit: Upsplash

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